Ancient Nature is a production and digital marketing agency specializing in transformational films, online courses, and live event filmmaking. With over twenty years of combined experience, Daniel and Kari McKim are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the world through the stories they tell.

With two audience acclaimed feature-length documentaries (Healed by Love, The Illusion of Money), nearly a dozen online courses, and hundreds of videos that have been viewed tens of millions of times, Daniel and Kari are already a powerful force in the transformational and personal development industry—and are continuing to make their mark with Ancient Nature through innovative and visually stunning content that speaks to the soul.

Kari McKim

Kari has produced and directed transformational films, viral content, and live events that have impacted people around the globe. From producing a 3,000 person seminar at Dolby Theatre to directing the full-length documentaries, The Illusion of Money (2019), Healed by Love (2022), and Our Ancient Nature (in production), Kari brings her thoughtful and caring touch to every project she is a part of. Her only weakness is her constant preoccupation with spotting wild bunnies—although, some might call that her greatest strength.

Daniel McKim

Daniel is a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, as well as producer and cinematographer of the full-length documentary films, The Illusion of Money (2019), Healed by Love (2022), and Our Ancient Nature (in production). His transformational productions have received tens of millions of views online. His passion for backpacking and mountaineering has given him a deep respect for the planet—and his advanced skills with duct tape have set him up perfectly for his secondary role as RV repairman for this production.